Looking into the crystal ball to forecast the future is difficult on many domains, but specifically also in the fast moving Open Source domain. We tried it anyway.

  • Continuous consolidation is going to happen in the commercial software vendor scene. This will create room for successful open source vendors.
  • Open Source adoption in the enterprise will continue, in the application infrastructure space the use of Open Source is already common sense, but more and more Open Source solutions will be viable candidates also for typical business solution domains. It has started with Business Intelligence and Enterprise Content Management, it will continue with Customer Relationship Management.
  • Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 will continue to be Open Source plays mainly and accelerate adoption of Open Source in the Enterprise even more.
  • Open Source vendors will also consolidate, we will see the rise of new Open Source “Ueber” providers, similar to RedHat.
  • More commercially available products will be based on Open Source software, this will boost the usage of Open Source components but also the related “assembly methodology”, as applied by Optaros, Alfresco and others.
  • Commercial vendors will continue to increase the viability of their offerings by open-sourcing critical components and platforms.
  • Open Source companies will continue to look for the holy grail of “how to make money with Open Source” and invent new creative license and subscription models.
  • New open standards such as Open Social or Google Android will be the base of many new Open Source project and initiative.

So, to summarize, we don’t expect 2008 to be a year of revolutions but rather of numerous important evolutions.