Enterprise Open Source Directory

EOS stands for Enterprise Open Source. The EOS Directory aims to provide a vendor-neutral and up-to-date directory of enterprise-ready open source products. EOS is a project of the Open Source Business Foundation (OSBF), an organization promoting the use of open source software in the business environment.

Top 10 Software

Project name Enterprise readiness User Rating views
Alfresco 30241
KnowledgeTree 28699
Pentaho 27415
Nuxeo EP 20972
phpBB 19115
Darwin Kernel 16380
vtiger CRM 14811
Apache HTTP server 14287
MySQL 13485
Nagios 11801

Featured Software

Project name Enterprise readiness User Rating views
MariaDB 269
iReport 5280
Pentaho 27415
Weka (Pentaho Datamining) 4368

Open Source Solutions

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